WOLFIE (Sparky's Pure Effect)


Wolfie is the last horse that I bred, and is half Andalusian, half KWPN, and very coloured!

Here's an embarrassing picture of her as a newborn,
and a link to her Dad

This is Wolfie as a just backed 4 year old, in January 2011. It's important for the young horse to see as much as possible, and not to get too bored in the school. Her first job was to get used to travel, and go on various hacks including the beach at Shoebury, Basildon and Pleshey (shown here).

This gave her a good chance to play in water, pop small obstacles and deal with small banks (always difficult when the horse is adjusting to carrying a rider).

February 2011: Low key dressage went as well as we could have hoped, with two outings at Intro, and two wins.
Now she has to learn to canter round a corner!


May 2011: First British Showjumping show, on a ticket at Towerlands.

As a five year old Wolfie did very little as we moved house and horses; but at the beginning of the year we had time to qualify for the BE JT90 finals at Solihull, and came second overall in the final by a single mark.

2013 was another busy year at home, only getting Wolfie out to a few BE90s in the spring, but being placed at Little Downham and winning at Tweseldown.

                      WINNING AT TWESELDOWN 2013

2014 was cancelled whilst I recovered from a knee op!



MITZI (Just Twilight)


Placed 6th at Solihull BE in JT Finals after a lovely double clear. 


Mitzi was bought in 2010 as my husband's first horse. The first year I spent schooling her for eventing, and in both 2011 and 2012 she qualified with me for the BE JT finals at Solihull.

In 2012 Mark did his first BE80 on her, in 2013 his first BE90 and in 2014 they came 3rd in the BE90 at our local event, Stratford Hills.

Mitzi has now gone on to a lovely home where she is teaching her new owner the ropes as well as she taught Mark.

SPARKY (Voluntario XVIII)

SparkywebAn Andalusian gelding, he has turned his hooves to everything, including siring foals (prior to being gelded), working in my riding school, exam training for my students, or winning at Medium level dressage. 

Here he is attending his biggest event; carrying me sidesaddle to my wedding.


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